Your Casino IT Specialists

Convincing expertise in setting up and operating casino systems

Are you looking for a reliable IT partner who is familiar with casino-specific IT requirements and systems? We have many years of experience in setting up and operating IT systems in the casino industry and via proven specialists who have specialized in the field of casino systems and established.

Our casino competences
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Requirements and needs

  • System needs
  • Technical requirements
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    Infrastructure construction

  • System base
  • EAKS Management Software
  • Middleware & API Interfaces
  • Slot, Machines & Technology
  • Traka key management systems
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  • Internal audits
  • Consulting
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  • Central persons blocking list
  • Module for DDA (Due Diligence Act)
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    Requirements and needs

    Casinos have different demands and concerns on their systems and tools than 0815 businesses. We offer the necessary knowledge and sensitivity that it takes to meet the high requirements.

    System needs

    Whether you want to open a new casino or you are looking for a reliable partner for your existing business - we know what casinos need in terms of hardware, software and tools to run successfully.

    We know important suppliers and EAKS providers like DRGT and can also support and advise you in the distribution and presentation of customer-specific information (display control, digital displays). 

    Technical requirements

    Casino-specific software and hardware components have specific network and server requirements in order to operate in a performant and reliable manner. We have the necessary expertise of the software and tools used, what hardware is used for it and which Claims have these. 

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    Infrastructure construction

    How reliably and performantly your casino-specific services, hardware components and software can be operated depends on your system basis. We are happy to support you in the optimization and further development of your casino infrastructure - from the server to the slot machine. 

    System base

    We specialize in building and operating the technical foundation of casinos (what systems and software are run on). The structure and quality of this foundation determines how successfully you can operate and offer your casino-specific services.

    EAKS Management Software

    In addition to technical requirements, we also have the understanding of how an EAKS system works. We know how it is operated, how the parameterization works, which settings/configuration can be made and we are familiar with troubleshooting, administration and operation. We also understand the interfaces it needs to communicate between different devices.

    Middleware & API Interfaces

    You want to transport and display your Jackport values securely on your website? Or transfer player IDs to your tournament software? We develop so-called middleware for you which enables the secure data exchange between different systems via interfaces.

    Slot, Machines & Technology

    For slot machines we offer according to expenditure

    • Troubleshooting,
    • Updates and
    • Certifications

    In case of emergency or as a substitute we can also provide maintenance, warranty settlement with manufacturers and cleaning.

    Traka key management systems

    We will gladly take over the installation and server operation for your Traka key system.

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    Legal requirements

    We keep ourselves up to date for you regarding casino-specific laws and regulations. This enables us to operate your systems in compliance with the law and provide you with the best possible advice and support.

    Audit criteria

    You would like to secure yourself before the next audit? We know the criteria and offer internal audits. Of course, we can also simply advise you.

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    Player Protection & Due Diligence

    We leverage our industry expertise and knowledge of casino regulatory and legal requirements to develop tools and modules to optimize casino processes.

    Central persons blocking list Liechtenstein

    We operate the Central Person Blocking List (ZPS) Liechtenstein and continue to develop it.

    The list is used to manage persons with a registered gambling ban for casinos in Liechtenstein centrally and across casinos. In addition, it can be queried in real time via various check-in software solutions and thus also serves as protection against gambling addiction.

    New module for DDA (Due Diligence Act)


    Outlook further development

    Today, every casino does its customer registration, VIP guest verification and due diligence in different ways. Partially offline, with PDF or in Excel and mostly with unnecessarily large effort. We want to make this process more efficient and secure for casinos and develop the SPG module for this purpose.

    Highlights of the SPG module:
    • Digital and secure registration of each guest in central list
    • Automatically created and standardized player dossier with relevant data such as player ID, chip change, etc.
    • Automatic control reminder for defined risk categories
    • Automatic check according to due diligence criteria
    • Automatic comparison with globally recognized reference databases (KYC / PEP)
    • Data and signature can be captured digitally via various media (PC, mobile, tablet, etc.)
    • Dossier history and change log for traceability
    • Control functions for multi-eye principle