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Customized IT solutions

We offer IT tailored to your needs

By using our customized solutions, you can increase your productivity and optimize processes significantly. A well-rehearsed and flexible team awaits you, which will support you in the further development of your IT. 

What we do best

We help you use your IT infrastructure more efficiently and establish communication between systems and applications to optimize your work processes.

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API interfaces

Programming interfaces (APIs for short) facilitate the transfer of data between systems. We master the technology and develop missing puzzle pieces so that you can have data exchanged among your different systems via APIs.

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Middleware is the missing piece of the puzzle. We program small tools and software for you to let your systems communicate securely (!) with each other. This way, data can be retrieved from other systems and used and displayed on other systems according to your needs.

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We offer you the possibility to run your servers and applications with us - with modern infrastructure and on high-performance systems in Switzerland or, if required, in our own data center in Liechtenstein.

What we offer

Communication and data exchange between your systems (or with partner and customer systems) opens up many new options and opportunities. We would be happy to present you a few examples of use and previous projects:

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Display control

Display or play information from your systems on screens. Whether jackpot screens, advertisements, music, menus, event details or info dashboards... Your possibilities are almost limitless. Information can be retrieved in real time and presented on displays according to your needs.

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Casino IT Solutions

Thanks to our many years of experience in setting up and operating IT systems in the casino industry, we offer the necessary expertise and sensitivity to meet the high demands of a casino. Our professionals, specialized and established in the field of casino systems, know what it takes to make your casino-specific services, software and hardware components reliable and performant can be operated.

ZPS Liechtenstein

We operate the Central Person Blocking List for Liechtenstein ( This is where persons with a registered gambling ban for casinos in Liechtenstein are managed centrally and across casinos. The list can be queried in real time via various check-in software solutions.

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SPG* Module

With our SPG Extended Due Diligence module, we offer a digitized form for the registration and maintenance of players*. This relieves casinos of the registration process and increases efficiency in the maintenance and control of entries. In addition to crime prevention, the module serves as a real-time check of VIP guests (Worldcheck / KYC automated) and protection against gambling addiction.